Loyolapalooza Spotlight: LOLLIPUNX

April 17th, 2024 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

WLOY is happy to announce our Battle of the Bands winner, LOLLIPUNX! Meet the band below and catch LOLLIPUNX at Loyolapalooza on April 28th on the quad! 🙂

How did your band come together and what was the catalyst for starting a musical collaboration?

The band came together through a blend of serendipity and a shared passion for music. Josh, drummer, and Patricia, lead vocalist, initially met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, forging an instant connection. Though they drifted apart due to distance, a chance encounter on social media reignited their friendship years later. Josh had been posting drum covers on his Instagram, including Paramore’s ‘Let the Flames Begin’—a song and band dearly loved by Patricia. This led to a conversation and a half-joking suggestion from Patricia about starting a band. Coincidentally, Josh had been looking to form a band for some time. Impressed by an acapella clip Patricia sent him, he quickly invited her to join. Together, they sought additional members who matched their drive and musical vision, eventually rounding out the band through online forums and auditions. This group not only shared a love for music but also a commitment to the same values and genres, which solidified their formation.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind your band’s name and what it signifies?

The name ‘LolliPunx’ captures the essence of our band—combining the sweetness of pop with the edge of punk, all woven together by serendipity. This theme of happy coincidences has been a common thread throughout our journey. It all started during one of our initial jam sessions, where we, of course, covered Paramore’s ‘Decode’ to test our musical chemistry. Afterward, Patricia playfully sang the old-school hit, ‘Lollipop,’ by the Chordettes, and the rest of us instinctively harmonized with her. This spontaneous moment of unity not only showcased our vocal blend but also the playful and punk spirit we all shared. Reflecting on this serendipitous blend of personalities and musical styles, ‘LolliPunx’ emerged as the perfect representation of our sound and ethos when we were brainstorming a band name a few weeks later.

How would you describe the overall sound and genre of your music, and what makes your band stand out from others in the local music scene?

While still young, our music combines the high-energy, rebellious spirit of punk with melodic elements of pop to appeal to a broad audience, spanning all ages and backgrounds. We define our genre as pop punk, focusing on keeping our sound melodic to ensure its accessible and resonant for diverse listeners while reminding everyone that “we are all Punx” in one way or another. Beyond our vibrant sound, what sets us apart is our commitment to crafting songs with meaningful lyrics that resonate deeply with our audience. Ultimately, we want to avoid creating noise for noise’s sake. Instead, we hope to remind younger generations that punk’s not dead and that we are all active participants in this world—however challenging that may be. This, we think, is what makes music so special: it helps us heal when we hurt, criticize when we disagree, unite when we differ, and celebrate when we achieve even the smallest of accomplishments. Each song is therefore, carefully written to convey messages that strike a chord with listeners, all whilst providing an energetic performance that inevitably engages and inspires. This commitment to meaningful songwriting and energetic performances makes each show unforgettable and distinguishes us in the local music scene.

What is the creative process like when writing and composing music as a band, and how do you approach collaborating on new songs?

Our creative process is deeply collaborative, mirroring the close-knit dynamics of a family. When it comes to writing and composing music, every band member is encouraged to bring their ideas and perspectives to the table. We operate on the principle that everyone’s input is valuable, ensuring that all voices are heard. Our songs typically begin with a suggested a riff, a lyric, or a melody. From there, we explore these ideas together, experimenting with different sounds and structures until we find what feels right for the song. This democratic approach allows us to not only blend our diverse influences but also to create music that genuinely represents us as a group. It’s this collective effort and open exchange of ideas that drive our creativity and keep our music fresh and authentic.

Can you share a personal or meaningful story behind one of your songs or performances that holds significance for the band?

One particularly meaningful event for us was our performance at the Key Brewery fundraiser, which took place shortly after the tragic incident involving the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland. With only 24 hours’ notice, we were asked to participate in a fundraising event to support the families affected by this disaster. That morning marked a significant milestone for us—it was the first time our current five-piece lineup came together as a unified band. Prior to this, we had been working with revolving members. Just a few hours before the event, all five of us met for the first time to rehearse together. Despite the rush and the high stakes, the performance was a resounding success. This experience not only solidified our lineup but also highlighted the incredible impact we can have as a band. It’s a poignant reminder of the role music can play in healing and supporting a community, and it reinforces how much of our early success is intertwined with our ability to come together and perform under pressure.

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