Loyola Men’s Basketball Game Preview: Niagara

February 11th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

The Loyola Greyhounds are on a run that can potentially take them to a land that they haven’t seen in quite sometime. This land I speak of has many treasures, treasures that a team strive for every year. The cryptic language I speak of may be freaking you out but don’t worry, it means something. So surely, many of you know that I am talking about Loyola’s great chances to actually win a MAAC Championship and find themselves in the beginning round of NCAA Tournament in March. In Conference play so far, they have found themselves 8-5 and continue to play strong on both sides of the court.

However, this weekend will be not a test of the talent of the Loyola men’s basketball team. Rather, it will be a test of their willingness to do whatever it takes to get a win. On Friday and Sunday February 11th and 13th, Loyola will have to snag the easy wins that are coming their way because as the rest of the season comes down to a close, they will be facing teams that will be relentless to get wins and snap Loyola’s current standing of 4th overall in the MAAC.

First on their trip to the end of the season and beginning of tournament play is Niagara on Friday at 7:00 PM in Reitz Arena. As Loyola supporters, do whatever it takes to get out to these games and have fun because Loyola could use all the support they can get. The Greyhounds will be taking on Niagara for the first time all season in a two game series with them this season. Niagara is currently 2-11 within MAAC play. Loyola should be able to get an easy win seeing as they are playing better within the conference and offensively, seem to have found some rhythm and chemistry. Getting Shane Walker back into the lineup has allowed the Greyhounds to open and explode offensively. Walker and Barney have been averaging 10.7 points and 10.4 points per game respectively. Etherly has stepped up as issuing 7.7 rebounds per game as well. Niagara has been struggling with the boards which can be a weakness that the Greyhounds will most likely be able to exploit. Kashief Edwards has been leading the team with 6.1 rebounds, the second highest being 4.8. The discrepancy and huge difference compared to Loyola will be one of they key points for Loyola to take away a win from Niagara. If you find yourself having no plans Friday night, come by Reitz at 7 and support the Greyhounds. The Greyhounds can only succeed if you are there to make sure they succeed.

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