Karaoke For A Cure Thursday Night!

March 23rd, 2011 by WLOY Staff

It’s still Relay week in case you haven’t noticed. We had a full house Tuesday night at Stoneleigh Lanes for Duckpins! We gave out tickets to three shows at Rams Head Live! and we have more to give out Thursday night! Continuing on with Relay week, our next event is Karaoke for a Cure Thursday night in the Reading Room from 9-11pm. Admission is $2 but know that whoever walks in through the door can be made to sing! You can sign yourself up to sing or someone else can sign you up to sing. For those with stage fright, you can purchase immunity from singing for the night for $10.

Karaoke sounds all well and good but we want to make it more fun. While someone is onstage singing we will have the crowd decide whether or not to have them keep singing. Want to get someone off the stage because your ears are bleeding? Say no more! For only $10 we will provide you a mallet so you run across the room and bang a gong to put a not-so-gifted vocalist out of their misery and get them off the stage right then and there. We’re not kidding. We have a gong.

Make sure to tell your friends! It’s going to be an entertaining night.

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