Josh Taerk-Here’s to change

February 23rd, 2016 by WLOY Staff

cover170x170-1Josh Taerk-Here’s to change

Release: June 1, 2015

Rate: 5/10

At only 25, Josh Taerk’s album Here’s to change has an old time feel; the album sounds very mature and polished from someone so young. In some instances it sounds like a live album than a studio recording. Lyrics that give off hues of personal experience, triumph and growth radiate through out the entire album. I would say Josh Taerk is a more acoustic, one man version of the band “Train”.

Though the album is musically and lyrically sound, I feel like it lacks emotion, I wish that Josh would push more, it seems like he’s relying too much on the lyrics and music too get his emotions across, and doesn’t push himself in the performance of the songs on the album.  And at some points, the lyrics can come off as cheesy, boring and unoriginal.  Many songs stylistically can sound the same, it teeters on acoustic, country and a little bit of rock/blues. There is not much that makes him stand out, and I think that is where he falls short, for an album who’s production and sound clarity is superb. Hopefully, he digs deeper for any upcoming music he is creating.


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