Interpol & Twin Tigers Concert

August 5th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

I was first introduced to Interpol in 2004 when I heard their album, Antics. I became fond of the band after listening to the album, but I admit I lost faith in them after Our Love to Admire (2007) received less praise than Antics. However, I think I need to revisit the album, now that I found a new appreciation for Interpol. I had always heard great things about Interpol’s live show, but it was difficult to ignore all the hype and avoid preconceived notions. I expected a great show and that is exactly what I got. Their sound filled the venue, reinforced by a brilliant light show. What impressed me was the balance between the vocals and instrument sound levels. The lyrics were clearly distinguishable over the rest of the band, not to mention that Paul Bank’s voice was perfect.

I discovered that Interpol recruited a new member when I recognized the piano player as none other than Brandon Curtis of the Secret Machines! The Secret Machines were my favorite band before Benjamin Curtis left the band to form School of Seven Bells, but I was delighted to see Brandon yet again. Brandon added light backing vocals and dark synths that complimented the atmospheric quality of the music. My favorite song of the night was ‘NYC’ which was captivating because the combination of flowing guitar, vocals and glowing lights created a trance-like effect. Overall, I really enjoyed the concert and the entire lineup of the night that included the Postelles and Twin Tigers. Don’t forget! Interpol’s forthcoming album will be released in September. Stay tuned!

Before the show I got a chance to talk with two members of Twin Tigers. Indigenous to Athens, Georgia, Twin Tigers produce a distorted shoegazy rock sound that may be welcomed by fans of My Bloody Valentine or Minus the Bear. Nevertheless, this band is creating a path of their own with their first full-length album Gray Waves, which was released this past March. With songs like “Passive Idol” and “Red Fox Run,” the CD takes off with screaming guitar and heavy bass, while infusing dreamy vocals from Matthew Rain. I talked with Matt and guitarist Forrest Hall about life on the road, their newest album and some of the bands that they listen to. Check out the audio clip below for the full interview.

Interview Audio:


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