How Do YOU Relay?

March 16th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

WLOY has TWO events in store to benefit Relay For Life. First, on Tuesday March 22, we’ll be DJing at Stoneleigh Lanes in Towson. The cost is $10, and that covers your transportation, shoes, and bowling from 9PM to 12AM.

Next, on Thursday March 24, we’ll be hosting Karaoke Wars in the Reading Room from 9PM to 11PM for only a $2 entry fee. You can pay to sing a song of your choosing, you can pay to torture your roommates/friends to keep them on stage, or you can pay to just make the bad music stop.

Bring your friends to both events, and keep in mind that ALL proceeds benefit Relay For Life.

As for the actual Relay event on March 26, we’ll be DJing the entire night – that’s right, all nine hours – and if you want to hear a certain song, we’ll be taking requests at the low, low price of $1! And, of course, you can join or donate to our Relay team here.

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