Honfest Spotlight: Swampcandy

May 17th, 2014 by Rachel

swampcandy If you like the blues, soul and the dirty South, you’re sure to like Maryland’s own Swampcandy. Swampcandy specializes in doling out old-fashioned, aggressive Mississippi style blues that can really get a crowd going. They have performed both nationally and internationally including a full length tour of the UK! Swampcandy consists of two members, Ruben and Joey. Ruben sings while Joey shreds on the upright base. Joey has gotten so enthusiastic while playing the upright base, that he now brings with him a portable fan to keep him cool during performances! Swampcandy will be returning to Baltimore this summer to perform at WLOY’s Honfest on June 14th. Be sure to come out and rock out with them, Mississippi style! Listen to their music on their website: http://www.swampcandy.com/

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the 2014 WLOY Stage at Honfest HERE.

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