Honfest Spotlight: Eliza Doering and The Penny Black

May 16th, 2014 by WLOY Staff

Unknown-1 Eliza Doering and the Penny Black are a local Baltimore band. They are a four piece alternative rock group and were actually  kind enough to perform for WLOY earlier this year. In fact, two of the four members of The Penny Black are brother and sister! They perform their won songs and combine various genres to create a sound that is distinctly “The Penny Black”. They’ve performed all around the country and will be performing in Baltimore at Honfest this summer! Come to WLOY’s stage on June 14th to see them perform. Also, be sure to check out their website at http://elizadoering.com/

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the 2014 WLOY Stage at Honfest HERE.

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