Honfest Spotlight: Maria Dontas

April 30th, 2014 by WLOY Staff

Maria Dontas Loyola alum, Maria Dontas, is a singularly talented individual. She is a lovely, smart woman who has also been gifted with the voice of a Greek goddess. Maria Dontas is a singer-songwriter. She writes and performs her very own songs and has been kind enough to grace Loyola with her talents. She will be performing again for WLOY this summer on June. 14th. Visit her website at mariadontas.bandcamp.com. WLOY staff particularly love her songs “Answers” and “All the Good Lines”. ┬áListen to Maria Dontas and come to Honfest!

Check out the full lineup and schedule for the 2014 WLOY Stage at Honfest HERE.

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