Happy New Year from RadioEdu!

January 1st, 2014 by WLOY Staff

How many fifth gradersdo you know with a CD release?

Happy New Year everyone! RadioEdu ended the Fall 2013 semester in an extremely exciting fashion with a CD release for the students! This was a wonderful event highlighting the accomplishments of three remarkable fifth grade students. The amount of material that they were able to master in a short amount of time continues to astonish me as I look over the blog entries of the past three months.

We are looking forward to another great semester filled with exciting and challenging projects, and I have no doubt that the students will continue to demonstrate mastery over the increasingly difficult material while gaining confidence in their production techniques. This year we will continue with the project-based learning approach, while aiming to integrate a long-term collaboration providing the students an opportunity to demonstrate increasing autonomy in regard to audio production. We will continue to develop and hone core audio production skills and look to post more incredible content each week!

Thanks for all the support and for helping to make the first semester of RadioEdu at Eutaw-Marshburn a success!


How many fifth graders do you know with a CD release?

How many fifth graders do you know with a CD release?

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