From the Vault: Michael Phelps and Loyola

July 20th, 2010 by The Professor

We all know how much Michael achieved at the 2004 Olympics. The records set and shattered, and the shine of all that Olympic gold. What a lot of folks don’t know is the connection to Loyola. Michael was a volunteer swimming coach at Loyola in 2004, and came back to do a swimming demonstration and discussion in September BEFORE going off to achieve Olympic fame (do 14 medals constitute fame or demi-god status?) We just found a few photos and somewhere we even have audio from the press conference…

For now, ponder how Loyola has managed such an amazing connection to the Olympics. Phil Scholtz ’11 holds 4 medals won in the Paralympics in 2009 and will be competing again in August of 2010 for more. Olympian Katie Hoff, with her ‘mere’ 3 Olympic medals, also helped coach swimming at Loyola in 2008-2009! Is it any wonder that Loyola has won so many MAAC Swimming & Diving Championships?

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