Food Friday: Bar Clavel

February 19th, 2016 by WLOY Staff

BarClavel What: Bar Clavel

Where: 225 West 23rd Street, Baltimore, MD

When: Hours

Tacos, Chips, and Salsa, three words that bring a genuine wave of happiness over me. I don’t know you, but I bet it does for you too.

To go along with an excellent ambiance is some appetizing food. I was once told by a friend from Mexico that the staple for her family is the tortilla, apparently Bar Clavel follows the same principle as they make homemade gluten-free tortillas. Their meat is pure quality and organic, something not always seen these days. Bite in to a Chambarete taco (remember those home made tortillas) and taste the juicy angus beef steak and tantalizing spices! Or, take a spoonful (a big one) of Caldo de Verduras made of corn, cabbage, chayote, carrot, calabaza, and green beans! There are plenty of options for you and your friends to enjoy!

Soooo, I am highly recommending you stop by Bar Clavel for an ultra hipster night of taco eating and guac dipping.

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