Dope New MF Doom & Bishop Nehru Collab. Album

October 14th, 2014 by WLOY Staff

nehruvianNehruviandoom: NehruvianDOOM

Release Date: 10/7/14

Rating: 8/10


Buckle up! MF DOOM is back, accompanied by his new prodigy the 18-year old New York native, Bishop Nehru! So, sit back ladies and gents’ and enjoy the raw lyricism of the young rapper Bishop Nehru alongside the musical and lyrical genius of MF Doom. That being said do not expect the album to be chock full of Doom verses, however the few songs, which he is on, are more than fire, and Bishop Nehru is growing into a prospective great with his performance.

Introductions aside this album is amazing by production standards. Directly a result of MF Doom creating the majority of beats and samples found by him, the complexities of sounds are fantastic. Personally I wish I could talk to Doom simply to find out where he discovered his samples, but that’s for another time.

Now the lyrical quality of the collaboration is near great. Doom’s verses were tight but honestly being 43 and obviously gaining weight made a difference on the inflection of his voice. Nit picking aside, Doom delivered on his tracks, like anyone would expect. Now Nehru is something special, not many rappers can include lyrical content in their verses accompanied by a good flow at the age of eighteen. However it was sometimes rough, I could understand the meanings behind his verses, but the entire album appeared as Bishop Nehru’s featuring a dash of MF Doom on the side. At this point in Nehru’s career it was definitely a great experience working with a rapper and producer such as MF Doom, but if Doom were to give Nehru maybe two or three years to develop his flow and lyrical style, then I believe we would be talking about a fantastic album for the annals.

I’m trying not to be an annoying critic here but when I listen to a collab album, especially one with Doom, I expect almost every song to have his voice in it. I know the album is short, so maybe this collaboration was not too serious, however it was 31 minutes long…GIVE ME MORE. Next time Doom considers a collab album hopefully he will listen and give us an album more complete such as, Madvillainy.

Overall, go buy this album, and if you really love Doom or Nehru get the vinyl edition because you know your record collection needs this amazing sound and beautiful album art. The hottest songs on this album were Caskets, Coming For You, and Disastrous so look out for them, but listen to the whole joint front to back, Doom would smile.

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