DOM – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

February 27th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

Sun soaked, acid washed, bubble gum surf rockers who smoke weed are all the rage right now, and the release of DOM’s Sun Bronzed Greek Gods is just another example of that. So the ultimate question is whether all these bands are adding something to a fairly shallow industry, or if they’re just a dime a dozen hack jobs?

How many songs can we really take about mystical creatures and drugs while sun bathing and surfing? Between MGMT, Wavves, Girls, and Best Coast, it seems like it’s becoming a bit redundant. That’s really only for those who give all these bands a surface listen, though. If quality time is spent with their respective records, then a deeper understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish will ring true.

Of course, there is something campy and intentionally un-serious about songs like MGMT’s “Kids” or Wavves “King of the Beach” just as there is something cheeky about DOM’s “Living in America” in which lead singer Dominic sings in a high pitched screech, “It’s so sexy, living in America.”

What makes these bands worth a second listen? They’re devotion to the surf rock sound of the 1960s is a good place to start. They all love the Beach Boys—they don’t need to admit it for it to be obvious to anyone who’s listened to Pet Sounds or Surf’s Up. They also have a natural knack—meaning Wavves, Best Coast, MGMT, and now DOM— at making their songs uncontrollably catchy. I say, “uncontrollably” because it’s so catchy you almost want to hate it. And finally, they take the surf rock, bubble gum sound and add a grungy/punk flavor. Wavves and DOM do this more than MGMT (who tends to swing more for psychedelia), but they all have a unique rawness. And we mustn’t forget about their “We don’t give a f***!” pretentious attitude that makes them fun to read about and bitch about.

So if you get a chance, buy or procure DOM’s new album, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, and spend some time with it. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy than check out Wavves, Best Coast, or Girls…I don’t need to tell you to listen to MGMT because you already have.


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