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October 14th, 2013 by WLOY Staff


Days Are Gone

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Letter Grade:

(There are no A+’s at Loyola)


Reviewed By: Margaret Jokoh

On September 27, 2013, sisters Danielle, Este and Alana of Haim released their debut album, Days are Gone. The album has a very elective sound, with it ranging from classic hip hop beats to funky guitar riffs. This is represented in songs like, “My Song 5” and “Running If you call my name.” Without fail, the sisters continue to portray their classic sound with synthesizers, dope drum beats and their hypnotizing melodic voices.

The album definitely takes you back to the 80s, but it is modern enough to stand up to many other popular albums out there. The production staff comprised of: James Ford, Ludwig Göransson, and Ariel Rechtsaid did an outstanding job on the album, every sound, drum, beat, and voice is crisp and sharp. Overall the album, shows off how talented Haim is and how big of a future they will have.

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  1. Chris Furino says:

    I thought there were no A+’s at Loyola, yet Dries gave Reflektor an A+. COME ON DUDE THIS ALBUM IS PHENOMENAL

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