Daughters-Not To Disappear

February 6th, 2016 by WLOY Staff

daughter1Daughter-Not To disappear

Released: January 15, 2016

Rate: 10/10

The band Daughter, gained notoriety from their single, “Youth”. Their sophomore album, Not to disappear¬†picks up right where the previous album lefts up. Though keeping with their “indie folk” mixed with similar sounds to bands like Warpaint, Phantogram and the artist “Ben Howard”. Creating an atmosphere, a world all their own, Daughters, gives its listener an array of melodies, colorful imagery, and Elena Tonrah’s voice is the glue that combines everything together creating the energy of Daughter.

The guitars and the drums intricately, weave in and out of the smoothness of Tonrah’s voice; I like how they’ve introduced time changes in their repertoire of music, like in songs like “No care”. Lyrically, the band keeps to their true honest feelings, depicting experience such as love, heartbreak, youth, anger, and so much more, very earnestly but also very poetically. Daughter offers and introspective experience for the listener, a connection that’s hard for other artist to create, but Daughter has done it so effortlessly. Every song is different than the last, but mends perfectly ion making this album. Honestly, every song is worthy enough to be a single, it’s up to Daughter to choose the best one. This album is great and I can not wait to see what’s to come for Daughter.

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