Album Review: Daniel Champagne – The heartland Hurricanes

April 8th, 2016 by WLOY Staff

cover170x170-8Daniel Champagne-The Heartland Hurricanes (a live studio recording)

Released: March 4, 2016

Rate: 10/10

Daniel Champagne, an accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist, released his sixth album The Heartland Hurricanes and it is absolutely amazing. Originally from Australia, Champagne is a master of the acoustic guitar. Giving off vibes of a young John Mayer, old Mumford and Sons and especially, Australian mate, “John Butler”.

With an album like this, you start to think that guitar playing and acoustic music is in the Australian blood. Champagne’s music is honest, raw, and really hits home- the heart. The complexity in his guitar playing, sounds so effortless, and only adds immensely to his honest performance. The mixing of folk, pop, acoustic and elements of country exemplify his understanding of music, and music writing. Champagne, has a voice that sets him apart as well, with it somewhat being on the higher end, but it swims in and out of whisper tones to his full nature voice and this adds to the element, the experience of The Heartland Hurricanes.

Doing the album as a live studio recording sets Champagne apart, since production and recording of an live studio record is not done as often, and honestly, doing a live studio recording did him justice, it makes a record that is primarily a man and his guitar sound so much louder and intricate- nothing is over powering anything else, everything blends absolutely seamlessly. Recording it live, helps Champagne, fill pockets of space that would be left unaccounted for in a traditional record. Especially with the style of music, this live recording at to the element of raw, honest, love for music and making music. This is definitely an album worth checking out. Congrats Daniel on an amazing record!



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