COVID-19, WLOY DJs and What Happens Next?

April 6th, 2020 by The Professor

Loyola has closed their campus to keep students and staff safe, but WLOY remains on the air 24/7/365 with new music and great classics. Stay tuned because we have a big announcement about our award-winng What Happens Next? show for kids coming soon! In the meanwhile do not despair as not only are we keeping WLOY on the air through all the closures, but our amazing DJs are doing shows from home to send in, and so are a ton of local musicians. We even have DJ Retro Eddie making shows in the station still as he’s one of the last people still on campus. Keep listening for new shows every day from Junior, Earl Crown, Tara, Retro Eddie, and many more! And get ready for a really cool new version of What Happens Next? you can do from home! Stay safe, social distance, wash your hands, and tune in to WLOY!

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