Concert Review: Primitive Man, Full of Hell, The Acacia Strain, and Fit for an Autopsy

April 1st, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Aliyah Smith-Bradley

Concert Review: Primitive Man, Full of Hell, The Acacia Strain, and Fit for an Autopsy

Date: March 31, 2023

WLOY’s current Music Director, Aliyah, went to her first-ever metal concert and it was amazing! “This concert was unlike any concert I have ever been to,” said Aliyah. With an energized crowd and a sold-out show, the audience was filled with anticipation to see four metal bands.

Primitive Man was the first act of the night. Primitive Man is a doom metal band from Denver, Colorado. The band is composed of Ethan Lee McCarthy (who is on vocals and guitar), Jonathan Campos (on bass), and Joe Linden (on drums). Primitive Man filled the room with their funeral doom and black metal elements. The group had an amazing stage presence which energized and captivated the crowd.

Next up was Full of Hell. Full of Hell is a Grindcore metal band from Ocean City, Maryland. I was the most excited to see Full of Hell since they are a local Maryland metal group! The band is composed of Dylan Walker, Spencer Hazard, Dave Bland, and Sam DiGristine. The lead vocalist, Dylan Walker, has a unique sound with his powerful vocals.

Next the longly anticipated, Acacia Strain. I have been waiting to see The Acacia Strain ever since I started listening to heavy metal and they were even the first metalcore band that I listened to! The Acadia Strain is a metalcore/deathcore band from Massachusetts. Current members of the Acacia Strain include Vincent Bennett (vocals), Kevin Boutot (drums), Devin Shidaker (lead guitar), Griffin Landa (bass), and Mike Mulholland (rhythm guitar). The Acacia Strain was my personal favorite of the night. They had amazing vocals and such vibrant energy that you could not resist headbanging.

Lastly, Fit for an Autopsy entered the stage. Fit for an Autopsy is a deathcore band from New Jersey, New Jersey. Current members include Pat Sheridan (guitar, backup vocals), Will Putney (guitar), Josean Orta (drums), Tim Howley (guitar), Joe Badolato (lead vocals), and Peter Spinazola (bass). You can tell that the mood completely shifted when they came out. Concert attendees started to backup to make space for the epic moshpit. Fit for an Autopsy can for sure move a crowd. They performed many songs including my two favorites: “Far From Heaven” and “The Sea of Tragic Beasts.” This night was a loud, energetic night that I will never forget, and my ears will never recover from.

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