Concert Review: Pirate Rob’s Birthday Bash

February 22nd, 2011 by WLOY Staff

On February 19, Baltimore celebrated the birth of the one and only Pirate Rob with one huge party at Ramshead Live. Only this was not a cake and candles type of gathering. Apparently, Sir Pirate Rob commemorates his birth with style – sets from multiple Baltimore-based bands, crazy pan-bending stunts, and a comedic fellow in a cape. Fans, friends and family all intermingled in the crowd, cheering on all fourteen of the bands in the spirit of the apparently well-loved Pirate Rob.

The band list was huge and varied, including different types of rock that appealed to the masses. The bands were mostly from Baltimore City (Only, Bond And Bentley, Minlus & McCracken, The Grilled Lincolns) or the surrounding Baltimore area (Steel Chin Jimmy, The Turn, Bumpin Uglies, Twenty 4 Seven, Pasadena), but there were a few appearances from acts from D.C. (Groundscore), Philadelphia (Drew Daniels of Tsunami Rising), New York (Rachel Platten). There were even a few bands that traveled all the way from Mississippi (Blake Haley) and California (Jen Grinels).

Most of the bands were of the stoner rock variety, which was perfect for the sold-out crowd that featured mainly fan girls in tight skirts and thirty-somethings in plaid. However, the highlight of the show was Drew Daniels’ set. The leader singer of alternative-rock band Tsunami Rising, Drew Daniels’ acoustic set accentuated his raw talent not only with his vocals but also with his lyrical abilities.

At this point, you may be asking, who the hell is Pirate Rob? The answer: I have absolutely no idea. All I do know is he knows at least fourteen different bands and how to attract thousands of people just to pay tribute to his birth. The overall result? A grand celebration that left you feeling as if you and Rob had known each other all along. So, here’s to you, Pirate Rob, and, on behalf of WLOY, have a happy birthday.

To see photos from the event, check out our photo archives!

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