Classic WLOY Promo Video Unearthed!

March 28th, 2022 by The Professor

Once upon a time Phil had an idea to make a video… And that video quickly got silly. We had it posted on YouTube but it was taken down because of the music bed. We thought it was lost but years of scouring bins of old hard drives has finally brought it back in all its glory. Revel in our music staff learning about vinyl, the sales team making stacks, Brandon’s secret love of Rick Astley and our amazing 1993 Ford Aerostar!

And since they were not here when we made the original promo video (it’s not like WE told them to go abroad), Leslie, Kat, and Rae sent their own videos just let us know how happy they were to have been left out of the video… which won a finalist trophy at the National Student Electronic Media Convention for Best Promo Video!

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