This All Starr Band Goes to Eleven

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 by The Professor

Ringo Starr celebrates turning Seventy years young on tour

Radio RockonTour host Timothy Tilghman

The first All Starr Band Tour launched in 1989. Ringo Starr began employing a successful formula building his touring entourage comprised of noteworthy musicians who recorded their own popular releases. Ringo has claimed an enduring career of getting by with a little help from his friends to conduct his All Starr Band tours. Showcasing rotating musicians solidified a winning combination for his loyal audiences.

The Eleventh All Starr Band features Spinal Tap drummer Gregg Bissonette, guitarist Rick Derringer, Mr. Mister bassist Richard Page, Romantics guitarist Wally Palmer, keyboardist Edgar Winter, and keyboardist Gary Wright. Derringer, Page and Palmer are the newest members joining the 2010 touring team.

The All Starr Band played before a packed house in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Saturday, July 3, 2010. The diverse backgrounds of the individual musicians jamming together presents a wealth of chart topping material for classic rock fans to enjoy live on stage.

Each individual All Starr Band musician (excluding Bissonette) took a turn at the microphone to sing a memorable moment that scored high on the American hit parade. Winter led the crowd on a raucous “Free Ride”. Page sang the soaring single “Kyrie”. Palmer belted out the kinetic “What I Like About You”.

Derringer doubled as a pied piper lifting audience spirits with “Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo”. Wright was alright on his melodic “My Love Is Alive”. Among the many songs sung by Ringo, he performed “The Other Side Of Liverpool” and “Peace Dream” both from his latest album Y NOT. The surprise of the evening came at the end of the concert when Ringo segued into John Lennon’s 1969 anthem “Give Peace A Chance”.

The only glitch in Ringo’s infrequent touring schedule is that after 21 years of hitting the road during the summertime season, he is still only singing the same handful of songs from his tenure as a Fab. With the exception of “What Goes On” and “Oh My My” introduced on recent tours but neither of which appeared in the 2010 setlist, the only new tunes are those from the current album he is promoting on tour.

Ringo Starr has proven he is a capable composer after undertaking a solo career in 1971. Either Ringo does not have the fortitude to take chances with his audience and perform more of his own original numbers or he is slavishly repeating Beatles oldies to placate a baby-boomer demography incapable of tolerating Ringo to venture beyond his musical past as a former Fab into uncharted musical territory.

The All Starr band cast is a functioning musical family. Performers introduce each other providing harmonious backing vocals as a welcome bonus. The staging was visually exquisite and the sound was audibly perfect. Singers share stories about how their songs originated onto record. Plus, the in-between song banter reveals how the musicians interact among one another.

Who can deny the guilty pleasure of attending an All Starr Band concert? After cleaning up his act in the latter 1980s, Ringo Starr has been touring on an irregular basis during the last two decades. It’s a blessing that veteran British Invasion artists are still willing to mount extensive tours to entertain their committed fans.

Richard Starkey, M.B.E., is just about to turn Seventy years old on July 7, 2010. Ritchie has a birthday concert pegged for a party in NYC and rumors are circulating that Sir James Paul McCartney is going to join his fellow former Beatle on stage. Paul & Ringo previously hooked up on stage together in NYC on April 4, 2009.

Ringo Starr & All Starr Band, Atlantic City, New Jersey, July 3, 2010 setlist: It Don’t Come Easy * Honey Don’t * Choose Love * Hang On Sloopy – Rick Derringer * Free Ride – Edgar Winter * Talking In Your Sleep – Wally Palmer * I Wanna Be Your Man * Dream Weaver – Gary Wright * Kyrie – Richard Page * The Other Side Of Liverpool * Yellow Submarine * Frankenstein – Edgar Winter * Peace Dream * Back Off Boogaloo * What I Like About You – Wally Palmer * Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo – Rick Derringer * Boys * My Love Is Alive – Gary Wright * Broken Wings – Richard Page * Photograph * Act Naturally * With A Little Help From My Friends > Give Peace a Chance

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WLOY Joins Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 by The Professor

Filming begins this weekend on a Baltimore-set episode of the ABC program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Members of the Loyola community, including representatives from the Loyola Alumni Association’s Service and Spirituality Committee, have already volunteered to support the effort, but there is still a need for more help. We need to see more Loyola students at the project site this week! WLOY will be there with live broadcasts, music and free stuff to encourage more people to pitch in. It’s summertime, but that’s no reason to miss out on a great chance to help. You need to sign up to volunteer!

Boys Hope Girls Hope Baltimore, a non-profit organization that provides children who are at risk with a stable home, positive parenting, high-quality education, and other supports needed to reach their full potential. The Baltimore program opened a house for its male scholars in 2002, but has not yet established a dedicated facility for the girls. This project will offer Girls Hope and its seven promising young women a safe place to call home.

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Both Feet In: Tony

Sunday, July 4th, 2010 by The Professor

Tony (Originally aired July 4, 2010)

Having spent years in the Philadelphia and Baltimore shelter systems, Tony talks about why it’s hard being homeless and employed, how the criminal justice system plays a large part in homelessness, and his gratitude for the former Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon.


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Celebrate the 4th of July with WLOY!

Friday, July 2nd, 2010 by The Professor

Light fuse, get away!

Join Nick Centanni on WLOY 12-2PM and 6-8PM for 2 separate beachfront broadcasts of the Moldy Oldie Show this July 4!

Nick will have a mix of upbeat summer songs, Independence Day facts, jokes, and of course periodic visits from campus royalty via the ‘gold campus royalty phone.’ Nick will be up to his usual tricks so you won’t know what to expect next.

There will also be a special Independence Day wishes from some familiar voices in the 8PM hour. This is high octane radio so make it a date and don’t be late! The fun begins July 4 at Noon all right here on WLOY 1620!

WARNING: This show should only be used under adult supervision. Keep out of reach of children. For outdoor use only. Do not hold in hand. Remember to place this show on the ground, light fuse and get away. Never attempt to relight this show should it malfunction or misfire. Keep others at a safe distance. This show is flammable, misuse may result in injury or fire.

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Patent Pending Interview

Monday, June 28th, 2010 by The Professor

Interviewed by Amy Hanna ’07.


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Summer At Pier Six

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 by The Professor

It’s summer time and that means Pier Six is rocking! Outdoor theaters are always a great part of the summer experience, but Pier Six has that cool added location going for it. Sitting right on the Inner Harbor, you get great views and nice water breezes along with your great show. WLOY has your free tickets all summer long. Check out their lineup:

Yes & Peter Frampton: June 24 ALL AGES

Charlie Wilson & Will Downing: June 25

Frankie Beverly and MAZE w. Stephanie Mills: July 10

Counting Crows w. Augustana: July 12


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Both Feet In: Donald Whitehead

Sunday, June 20th, 2010 by The Professor

Donald Whitehead (Originally aired June 20, 2010)

Donald shares with us his life story, ranging from enlisting in the US Navy, to sleeping on the streets of Cincinnati. He shares with us the turning points that led to him serving as the Executive Director of the National Coalition for the Homeless, and what brought him to Baltimore.


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BEST HON 2010!

Friday, June 18th, 2010 by The Professor

Congratulations to Loyola’s own Mary Ellen Wade who was crowned 2010 Best Hon at this year’s Honfest! Way to go, Hon!

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Both Feet In: History of Homelessness in the United States

Sunday, June 13th, 2010 by The Professor

The History of Homelessness in the United States with Donald Whitehead (Originally aired June 6 and June 13, 2010)

Donald Whitehead, the Assistant Director of Beans and Bread, a day-resource center located in Baltimore City, discusses the history of homelessness in the United States, including contributing forces such as the lack of affordable housing, limited access to healthcare and criminalization of homelessness. He also discusses current and potential solutions to the current epidemic of homelessness in this country.

[audio:bfi_donald_episode_1.mp3]Download Part 1

[audio:bfi_donald_episode_2.mp3]Download Part 2

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WLOY to be at Honfest June 12-13

Friday, June 11th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

WLOY Honfest 2010

Honfest 2010 is here! As usual, it’s going to be two of the hottest days of the summer. No need to worry! WLOY will be giving out free iced coffee courtesy of Zeke’s both Saturday and Sunday. We’ll be trying to keep cool under out tent on The Avenue in Hampden (that’s 36th St for those of you who don’t know). In addition to FREE iced coffee, we will also have CDs, bumper stickers, and WLOYcards!.

For those of you who want more information on Honfest and what it’s all about, check out the Honfest website.

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