Caleb Stine and Saleem Pay Homage to “Baltimore”

January 30th, 2013 by Joelle Hernandez


Saleem Heggins is no stranger to WLOY, and he is back to share a single that honors his hometown and the city we all love…Baltimore. With the Ravens in the Super Bowl, Baltimore fever has undoubtedly struck! This single is entitled “Baltimore” and is a collaboration with folk singer Caleb Stine. The combination of Saleem’s rap/spoken word style and Caleb’s singing is not only a perfect mix for the song, but it represents the diverse culture and people of this mini-metropolis. The lyrics describe the different sights of the city. From the Domino Sugar Factory to Maryland Ave., from rugged shoes to business suits, this song truly pays homage to the various walks of life represented in the city. Caleb’s chorus describes the financial struggle that so many Baltimoreans, unfortunately, face. This song reminds us of the pride of a native Baltimorean while the rest of the country focuses on this small city with the hype of the Super Bowl. Go Ravens!

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