Broken Boundaries of Existence

February 4th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Look for Von Tae's interview on WLOY. Coming Soon!

Soulful, inspiring, talented, relatable, and smooth are all words that may come to one’s mind when listening to Baltimore native hip hop/ R&B artist Von Tae’s album Broken Boundaries of Existence. At just 20 years old, his lyrics can relate to those of all ages who have been in love, through a tough break-up, or just looking to have a good time. Von Tae provides his listeners with a variety of melodies, beats, and sounds that are coupled with a wide range of very relatable lyrics. Each track offers a different sound but all provide an enjoyable experience. This upcoming artist delivers a great mix of rap and vocals that are sure to please anyone looking to hear good music.

It was a weeknight evening when I sat down to listen to this album. My plan was to just listen to a few seconds of a few tracks in order to prepare for an upcoming interview I will be conducting with the artist. I was not planning to fall completely in love with his vocal ability, beats, and lyrics. I felt that he had taken a peek into my life as well as the lives of my friends and composed pieces that described our exact feelings. While each track talks about a different topic, each one is relatable and can be easily understood by the listeners. I found myself dancing around to songs like Top of the World one second and then sitting calmly during tracks like Only You. I really enjoyed this experience and cannot wait for the world to experience the talent of VonTae. If you would like an incredible listening experience check out his album as well as his upcoming performances and interviews at You will not be disappointed!



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  1. Von Tae' says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing review Jordan! I appreciate the love and support. I’m glad you loved the album. #TaeSociety

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