Bringing Football Back To LA?

February 23rd, 2015 by WLOY Staff

Sports Talk After an announcement on Thursday from the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, we learned that there are three NFL teams considering the move to Hollywood from their current cities.

These three teams are the St. Louis Rams (which we already knew about), the Oakland Raiders (which we assumed), and the San Diego Chargers.

The Rams began pursuing a plan to possibly move to LA a little over a month back, but the Raiders and Chargers just sprung this on the NFL world.

Chargers fans and the people of the great city of San Diego are shocked and slightly betrayed by this news, especially since San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer created a task force with the sole purpose of finding ways to keep the Chargers in San Diego.

“It’s now abundantly clear that while we have been working here in San Diego to create a plan for a new stadium, the Chargers have for some time been making their own plans for moving to Los Angeles,” Faulconer said. “This would amount to abandoning generations of loyal Chargers fans. Despite this news, we are going to continue our efforts to develop a viable stadium solution.”

The truth is, the Chargers have been working on keeping the Chargers in San Diego for the better part of 14 years now to no avail. The joint plan between the Raiders and Chargers is a $1.7 billion project that would be located in Carson, California.

Nothing about this plan is set in stone. In their joint statement, the Chargers and Raiders said, “We are pursuing this stadium option in Carson for one straightforward reason: If we cannot find a permanent solution in our home markets, we have no alternative but to preserve other options to guarantee the future economic viability of our franchises.”

This move would mean that since both teams are currently in the AFC West, one would have to move to the NFC West, and an NFC West team would have to switch over to the AFC.

It certainly seems as if the city of Los Angeles will be seeing plenty of football action very soon. LA has not had a football franchise since 1995.

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