Bow Down Who??

March 21st, 2013 by Joelle Hernandez


We have all been waiting with baited breath for Beyoncé to release new music. After multiple Instagram posts of Bey in the recording studio, the announcement of a world tour and Baby Blue Ivy as fresh inspiration, all of her fans have been wondering when the new album will come out and what will the first single sound like. Will it be a ballad about the birth of her adorable new daughter? Or maybe a club hit like Run the World or Party? After another post to Instagram the world knew Bey was up to something! The picture was of young Beyoncé in a pink ball gown standing in front of what appeared to be a collection of beauty pageant trophies and medals with the words “Bow Down” in white across the middle. The caption of the picture included a link to her website When fans went to the site, they could hear what they had all been waiting for: her latest track. After listening to it myself I have a few words about it: huge disappointment!! Bey, this is not what anyone expecte d! With the use of expletives more frequently than some rap songs and a very pompous message “Bow Down” completely contradicted the confident, yet humble Bey we have seen recently at events like the Presidential Inauguration and her exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey. Lines such as “But don’t think I’m just his little wife,” shocked me because I don’t recall anyone referring to Beyoncé as just Jay-Z’s wife except for her tour being named Mrs. Carter World Tour; which Beyoncé named herself! The song then changes to a totally different beat which sounds like it could be a song by Rick Ross. As one of Beyoncé’s biggest fans, I have to say that I am very disappointed in this “Rihanna-like” single. Where is the sweet Beyonce we know from songs like Halo, Dangerously in Love and Flaws and All. Or even the sassy, yet kind girl we heard in Irreplaceable and Best Thing I Never Had? Bey has a lot of explaining to do before she gets me to buy a $200 concert ticket!


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