Blood Orange Releases Sophomore Album “Cupid Deluxe”

November 19th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

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Blood OrangeCupid Deluxe

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Today Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange released his sophomore album, Cupid Deluxe, world wide via Domino Records. Opening with the lead singles, “Chamkay” and “You’re Not Good Enough”, the album draws you in and sets you up to be blown away by the third track “Uncle Ace”, possibly the pinnacle of Dev Hynes’ young song writing career.

Even after proving himself as a worthy song-writer, composing for Sky Ferreira and Solange on break-through tracks “Everything Is Embarrassing” (Ferreira) and “Losing You” (Knowles), “Uncle Ace”, featuring Nile Rodgersesque guitar riffs and timely lyrics is an absolute triumph for Hynes. The remainder of the A-side of the album continues along the funky groove laid down over the first three tracks. Fifth track “It Is What It Is” really shows Hynes ability to layer sounds on a track, using too many types of percussion to count while keeping the rhythm steady with a consistent chime on his xylophone, the song drifts in and out of a dreamy haze of chillwave into the soulful downtempo R&B lyrics that Blood Orange so easily weaves into each track.

The B-side of this album continues to impress, not losing a beat in a single track. Featuring Hip-hop artist Despot on “Clipped On”, Blood Orange gives the album an entirely new dynamic, featuring rapped verses and R&B interludes the track rivals the production of Kanye West‘s explosive hit “Bound 2”. Other tracks on the album feature vocals from Chairlift‘s Caroline Polachek, Dirty Projectors‘ David Longstreth, and Samantha Urbani, while others feature production from Clams Casino. The album melds together Indie Rock, Rap, Electronic Music, R&B, Chillwave and more, making it easy listening for almost anybody. The Album culminates in the final track “Time Will Tell”, a thumping, stripped down piano jam. Possibly the most soulful song on the album it moves slowly along to the thumping bass and Blood Orange‘s lyrics suck you right in to the unofficial part 2 to, debut album Costal Grooves’, underground hit “Champagne Coast”. As the track trails off you can’t help but hope for one more, but for Cupid Deluxe that is all.

To check out “Time Will Tell” and “Champagne Coast” just follow these:

“Time Will Tell”

“Champagne Coast”

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