AOTW: The Marias – Submarine

June 13th, 2024 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

Album of the Week: The MariasSubmarine

Released: May 31, 2024

Rate: 8.5/10

RIYL: Beach Vacation, Pale Jay, Clairo, Thee Sacred Souls, Orion Sun

The Marias are an indie pop band formed in Los Angeles, consisting of lead singer María Zardoya and drummer Josh Conway, along with Jesse Palmer, guitar and Edward James, keys. They are known for their dreamy, psychedelic sound that blends elements of jazz, funk, and rock. Since their formation in 2016, The Marias have released several well-received EPs and their debut album, “Cinema,” in 2021.

Their music often features smooth vocals and nostalgic vibes, garnering a dedicated fanbase in the contemporary indie music scene. The band’s bilingual lyrics, sung in both English and Spanish, reflect María’s Puerto Rican heritage and add a unique dimension to their music. With their distinctive style and engaging live performances, The Marias continue to make a significant impact on the indie music landscape.

Their second and most recent album, Submarine, is considered a mature exemplar of The Marias growth. Really submerging into their indie-psychedelic genre, The Marias continue to push the boundaries of their brand and genre. The 14-song track list completes in about 45 minutes, not including the number of times you relisten to each song. The Maria’s truly bring their own style to the genre of indie-psych, producing a sound that can no other’s but their own. The smooth and clear vocals of Zardoya shine in each track, with the tempo and beat of Conway, Palmer, and James contributing a beat that matches just right.

My personal favorite is definitely “Real Life,” with Zardoya adding in a Latin-inspired essence. She continues this theme into “Lejos de Ti,” keeping her bilingual fans on their toes as well. Although Submarine consists of generally slower tracks, such as “Sienna,” Zardoya does deliver deeper, and slightly faster beats in tracks such as “Echo” and “Ride.” Submarine is genuinely an amazing piece of work and each listener and their 11.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify definitely agree.




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