AOTW: Tei Shi – “Bad Premonition”

April 3rd, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Anabel Martin Llanusa ’25

Tei Shi“Bad Premonition”

Release: 2023

Rate: 8.5/10

RIYL: Caroline Polachek, Jessie Ware, Shyra, U.S. Girls, Cecile Believe

“Bad Premonition” by Tei Shi is such a cool album! I really love the chill vibes that every song gives. Tei Shi is a Colombian-Argentinian singer and songwriter. The melodies within the album transmit a feeling of calmness, while the lyrics talk about issues in love. The album feels like she is narrating the process in which she got over an ex.

Every song goes over the different scenarios of how people feel after finding love and losing it. “Mona Lisa” is a beautiful example of this, and also one of my favorite songs. The smooth rhythm connects with the message of accepting and enjoying the beauty of losing another. Also, “Familiar” is high on my list of favorites. Shi sings of the anxiety and hurt we may feel when leaving past love and being met with new love. The melody of “Familiar” exemplifies the pain in the beauty of moving on.

This is an album that’s very catchy as the lyrics can connect with any person listening to it. I definitely suggest it during a night of self-care! 🙂


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