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July 19th, 2022 by The Professor

ALBUM OF THE WEEK by Ben Ostrowski ’24

Phoneboy released a self-titled album as their first full-length project in 2021 and they absolutely killed it. A place where the toe-tapping grooves of pop meet the relatable lyrics of indie rock. The band describes a “phoneboy” as someone who is too sucked into their phone that they don’t pay attention to the world happening around them. On the contrary however, “Phoneboy,” from the New Jersey trio is guaranteed to get you off your phone and you’ll probably wind up rocking your socks off as a result.

Firstly, the vocals on this album are immaculately descriptive and give you a clear feeling for what the song is meant to be about. A song like “Fomo” that’s bursting with melodies and ramped-up choruses while exploring the madness of everyday anxieties. The guitar riffs are just as entrancing. From the intro and various riffs in the Weezer-inspired “Sweater Song” to the acoustics of ending track “Lately,” there is no sound not heard on this record.

Despite how early the band is in their career, Phoneboy is ready to tell you everything and anything with just how much of their personality is represented on this album. Their lyrical proficiency leads to romantic and catchy songs. “Phoneboy” is a charismatic blend of indie-pop and mind-boggling tales from showering in one’s clothes to dreaming of meeting Jay-Z on “Roses,” to the bereft “Acid Girl,” and the rush of young lovers on “Hey, Kid.”

“Phoneboy” is an amazingly creative and successful debut for a band that really separates Phoneboy from other up and coming artist. Hopefully this album will continue to please our ears as the band grows over the years to come.

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