AOTW: Mako Road – “Stranger Days”

February 10th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Analia Cortez ’25

Mako Road “Stranger Days” 

Release: 2021

Rated: 8.5/10

RIYL: Peach Fur, Gromz, The Shambles, Letters to Lions

Mako Road is a four-member indie-rock band from New Zealand, consisting of two guitars, a bassist, and a drummer. Being highly popular in New Zealand, and the Australian area, these guys are very fond of at festivals. Now with a larger music selection, they just had their first official tour! This album was heavily anticipated as several singles and EPs had been released, leading up to the album. Before this album release, they came up with three EPs- those being “The Green Superintendant”, “Local Safari”, and “Stranger Days” before releasing the “Stranger Days” debut album. The sound revolving around “Stranger Days” captures the groovy sound of indue-rock and “psych-surf” vibes. This makes it the perfect soundtrack for the long summer days that are also waited for in anticipation. Overall good vibes while listening to this album, not just for Aussie or Kiwi listeners, but everyone.

I was first introduced to this band through “Local Safari” and after that, I took a liking to the vibe and aura it seemed to create. They were one of the first indie-rock bands I listened to and this album is one I would always recommend for this genre. “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” would have to be a personal favorite lyrically. Even though this is a shorter album, it is still well-made and written. 🙂

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