Alumni Spotlight: Christa Constantine (2013)

June 13th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

Christa Constantine (2013) shares her experience at the WLOY station and some fun memories from her college years!

Q: Can you tell us about your show at WLOY? (name and theme, genre of music)

A: My show was called The Random Association Game, which is hosted with my co-DJ Sarah Karpovich for 3 years at Loyola. We played a lot of indie stuff that was popular when we were at Loyola but integrated a lot of classics from the 70s and 80s. \

Q: Who is your favorite artist now?

A: I’m really into MUNA right now! I got tickets for free last year never having listened to them, and the show got me hooked.

Q: What do you do for work? Did your experiences at WLOY transfer into your work?

A: I’m a Digital Producer for a pharmaceutical advertising firm. In addition to being a DJ, I was an employee at WLOY for all 4 years of my time at Loyola –  that gave me a ton of digital and management experience that allowed me to start in an entry-level production role. But the leadership and people management experience is a huge reason why I’m successful in my field today.

Q: Tell us your favorite WLOY memory.

A: I couldn’t possibly choose just one, but we organized and hosted a wine tasting my senior year which was such a fun and unique experience.

Q: One piece of advice for current students looking to enter the broadcast/entertainment industry:

A: Well, I didn’t enter that industry, so I probably couldn’t help there. 🙂


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