Alumni Spotlight: Alex Fili (2013)

June 20th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

Alex Fili, a Loyola class of 2013 graduate, discusses her experience at WLOY and shares some of her favorite memories over the years.

Q: Can you tell us about your show at WLOY? (name and theme, genre of music)

A: “Not quite happy hour” from 3-5, in which I played only songs I liked. I probably wasn’t the best DJ. However, I did run “What Happens Next?” and helped WLOY win a couple of awards at CBI, this is probably more of a highlight for me than my radio show. Working with kids and giving back to the community was such a highlight of my college career.

Q: Who is your favorite artist now?

A: Hozier.

Q: What do you do for work? Did your experiences at WLOY transfer into your work? 

A: I own my own dental office, I am a dentist! My experiences at WLOY are part of the reason I probably graduated Loyola, John helped keep me in line. But the work I did at WLOY, volunteering, and having a paid job during college always ensured a work ethic, time management, and responsibility.

Q: Tell us your favorite WLOY memory.

A: So many, probably running “What Happens Next?” Oh, I got to do a color commentary at the Orioles stadium for the President’s Cup Baseball Tournament! That was badass. Decorating the outside wall with all of the old vinyl covers. Taking pictures for Good DJ and Bad DJ. John not firing me is a good one.

Q: One piece of advice for current students looking to enter the broadcast/entertainment industry:

A: I do not have any advice for this as I do not work in that industry. But, working for the radio station during my college career is the reason I still love Loyola. WLOY was my family and I consider it very near and dear to my heart.

John’s note: I cannot believe that winning both the Cafe Hon Bread Pudding Eating Contest AND the Holy Frijoles Taco Eating Contest the SAME DAY at Hampdenfest wasn’t the highlight of Alex’s entire WLOY career.

Oh, and then retaining her crown by winning the Bread Pudding Contest 2 YEARS IN A ROW.

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