A New Season of Old Tyme Radio to Feature Radio Series “Box 13”

October 27th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

Box 13Old Tyme Radio returns once again with a new series that will keep you on the edge of your seat! WLOY presents… Box 13, a popular radio series in the late 1940s. The show followed the adventures of character Dan Holliday, played by megastar Alan Ladd. Mr. Holliday was a journalist who became a mystery novelist. Every week, America’s listeners tuned in to join Dan on his epic and thrilling adventures. What adventure awaits you in Box 13, you may ask?

Needing constant new and exciting ideas for his stories, Dan Holiday ran a classified ad in the newspaper Star Times, where he had previously worked. “Adventure wanted, will go anywhere, do anything–write Box 13, Star Times.” The shows followed Holiday as he responded to letters sent to him by different individuals; such as a psycho killer. To keep listeners on their toes, the odd and, at times, unsettling characteristics of those who responded to the ad were not revealed until Mr. Holiday met face to face with the clients. Though the series kept listeners frantically attentive, a bit of comedic relief was always found in the form of Mr. Holliday’s scatterbrained secretary Suzy.

Box 13 will once again be heard on the air waves, this time through WLOY radio. Here is a list of the shows we have!! As always, keep an eye out for air dates and times on your favorite website, www.wloy.org.

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