A Farewell to Rivera

September 27th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

USP  MLB: TAMPA BAY RAYS AT NEW YORK YANKEES S BBA USA NYThere are some moments in the world of sports that make us remember why we love them so much. Whether it’s Ripken breaking the record in Camden Yards in 1995 or just a parent sharing the love of a sport with their kids, we tend to fall in love with sports over and over again. Last night in the Bronx was certainly one of those moments that made us fall in love with the world of sports again.

September 26th, 2013 will always be remembered as the day that Mariano Rivera said farewell to Yankee Stadium, and the entirety of Major League Baseball, from the fans to the owners, all gave him the sending-off he truly deserved. With 1 out in the top of the 8th inning, the Yankees brought in Mariano Rivera for the last time at Yankee Stadium. In typical Rivera fashion, he retired the next four batters he faced, bringing it to 2 outs in the top of the 9th inning.

At that moment, Andy Pettite and Derek Jeter emerged from the dugout to be the last people to take Rivera out of a game at home. The three have all been teammates since they all came into the league over fifteen years ago. The roar from the crowd started as the two walked out to the mound to a very composed Rivera. When Pettite went in to hug Rivera, the composure went away and the emotions came out. The entire baseball world was cheering for the man who changed the position of Closer forever.

In his career, Rivera has pitched in 1,283.2 innings, racking up 1,173 strikeouts, 652 saves, and an ERA of 2.21. He even has a chance in these last couple of games to finish his career with a WHIP under 1.00.

Tampa Bay Rays manager, Joe Maddon, took to Twitter to show his appreciation for Rivera and the moment at the mound. “For me tonight was not unlike the Ripken moment. Hard to imagine anyone surpassing Mariano. It’s like DiMaggio’s streak: untouchable,” said Maddon.

It is likely that we will never see a Closer quite like Mariano Rivera ever again. His success is off the charts, and the respect he has received and provides is unmatched. Just like me making my first sports memory in 1995 staying up with my father to watch Ripken break the record, this moment will be one of those moments that sports fans remember as one that makes us remember why we love sports so much. For the last time now, exit sandman.

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