2012 National Student Production Awards

August 28th, 2012 by The Professor

Well, it’s that time of year again… They are starting to announce the Finalists for the National Student Production Awards. In each category the judges select up to 4 Finalists, all of whom get a small Finalist trophy. The Finalists are announced now, but the actual Winner selected from the Finalists, is held in secret until the awards ceremony October 27th in Atlanta. The Finalist announcements are being trickled out slowly so they can prolong the agony. With quite a few more categories to go, WLOY has already placed in the Finalist group for 2 categories:

Best Podcast – Both Feet In “Lohr’s Part 1”
Best Regularly Scheduled Program – What Happens Next? Episode 76
Best Community Outreach – Both Feet In

We are happy to note that both of these programs took home Winner trophies last year and are thrilled to now be able to say they’re MULTIPLE NATIONAL AWARD WINNING SHOWS 🙂

More to be added, we hope, as the rest of the Finalists are announced. Stay Tuned!

UPDATED – WLOY is also a Finalist for Best Community Outreach!

POST-CBI UPDATE: WLOY took home the gold for “Best Podcast” at the award ceremony this weekend. Congratulations to us!!

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