New York: A Love Story

September 27th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Written By: Jordan Hernandez
Mack-Wilds-New-York-A-Love-StoryYoung, sexy, talented, and smooth are all words that can be used to describe new musical artist Mack Wilds. With an album set to hit stores on Monday, September 30, Mack Wilds is ready to wow fans for the first time as a rapper/ singer. Does the last name Wilds ring a bell? Mack, whose real first name is Tristian, started his career off as an actor. Working on top shows like the CWs 90210 and HBOs The Wire, Tristian showed his great range of acting ability and gathered a large fan base. Now, he is showcasing his tough rap flow along side his buttery smooth vocals on his first album New York: A Love Story.

Wilds takes the listener through his deep passionate love story as his sensual voice pulses through the speakers. Uptempo beats on most of the tracks give the album a traditional R&B feel while spurts of rap bars give it a modern twist. Hailing from Staten Island, NY, it is clear that Wilds drew his inspiration from other successful New York artists. His first single, Own It, has already gotten heavy air time on top radio stations and has proven to be a fan favorite.

Wilds worked with top music producer Remi Saaleem and the two created a magical sound that any true R&B lover will adore. Wilds even does a cover of Michael Jackson’s Remember the Time. Trying to recreate a track made by the King is no easy task, but Wilds effortless vocals allow for a performance just as great as Jackson’s. Going from a respected actor to a new musical artist has been done unsuccessfully by many but the talent held by Mack Wilds is undeniable. His transition has already been greatly accepted and once fans get their hands on this album, they will be screaming the praises of the new musical star.

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