What Happens Next?

Bring What Happens Next? Into Your School


The Basics
WLOY offers your school the opportunity to join the What Happens Next? program at no cost. In addition to the audio and texts for a teacher, WLOY will provide you with a phone number to record programs. In return, you agree to use the program ONLY in your school and with a trained teacher. You agree to work with WLOY to provide audio from your programs to the station for use in weekly broadcasts and to notify us if there are any issues or concerns with the program or the equipment.

The Teacher
You agree to provide a teacher to manage the program in your school and to be trained in the use of any equipment and how to record participants. WLOY will provide a trainer for the designated teacher and support as needed. The teacher will be responsible for coordinating the program in your school (whether used by one or many classes), and ensuring that recorded material is sent to WLOY for use on the weekly radio show. We do not expect the material on a weekly basis until the program is fully functioning in the school and will provide needed support to make sure that you are able to use the materials.

The Program
WLOY will provide a CD with 16 pre-recorded story prompts for playback in the classroom. Associated materials will include a master copy of the printed stories and poems, a teaching guide, and materials recommendations. As the program progresses, additional materials will be provided to allow the program to be run for an entire academic year.

The Cost
The program is provided free of charge, including any supplied equipment. The only requirement is regular feedback and communication from the teacher on site. If you are not actively using the program or equipment, it will be relocated to another school participant.

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