Shut Up, I Can’t See!

After three semesters of hate mail, public protests and human sacrifices, Rachel Wade and Megan Kern have agreed to come together once a week to make your knees shake, your eyes itch and your ears sing. You asked for it America and we delivered. Newsweek is calling this show the best thing since turnable tables. Folks, this is a “can’t miss” selection of nostalgic 60’s, essential indies, and everything in between. Listen to the two sensual voices that define this generation. Tune in Wednesdays 8-9pm!

  • Broken Horse – Freelance Whales
  • On a Neck, On a Spit – Grizzly Bear
  • 45 – Elvis Costello
  • Stillness Is The Move – Dirty Projectors
  • Triphallus, To Punctuate! – of Montreal
  • 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas
  • Casimir Pulaski Day – Sufjan Stevens
  • American Music – Violent Femmes
  • I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times – The Beach Boys
  • Love Is Like A Bottle of Gin – The Magnetic Fields
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