1378808_225057740994525_1254839921_nHosts: Leslie & Kathleen
Tuesdays: 9-11pm

noun: a person peripherally involved in global domination, and/or pink velour jumpsuits

Synonyms include (but are not limited to):

Perfect, Sublime, Paradisiacal, Yummy. 

 Not convinced? Hear what critics have to say

“Leslie Weis wore a life size star suit, so I wore a life size star suit.” –New York Times

“I mean… Beyoncé I’ma let you have your moment.. but Privetz made one of the best albums of all time!”  –Kanye West


Sample Playlist:

Blood Orange- It Is What It Is

Forgiven/Forgotten-Angel Olsen

Diiv- How Long Have You Known

Solange-  Losing You

Paul Simon- Boy In The Bubble

Beach Fossils- Daydream

The Shape I’m In- The Band

The Smiths- That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Jack White- Sixteen Saltines

Guernica- Brand New

F For You- Disclosure

LCD Soundsystem- Daft Punk Is PLaying At My House​

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