Middle Grades Partnership

Middle Grades PartnershipSince 2009, WLOY has run a free program with the students of the Middle Grades Partnership. Our summer radio boot camp has been a highlight of their summer classes! Each year a group of 10-20 8th grade students come in for a 2 day session.

Day 1 is a discussion of the process of radio programming and production, a chance to select and read news stories live on the air and planning for a feature story.

Over the course of the next week, the students work independently to develop their very own feature story on a topic of their choosing. For Day 2 the students sit down with WLOY staff and review their written feature, convert it to a radio text and record it.

We help them add in production elements from sound effects to music beds in order to enhance their work. Once complete, the programs are broadcast on WLOY and every student gets a CD copy to take home.


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