Quarantine Takeover – Liminal Drifter

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 by The Professor

This week we find ourselves with the furthest ever Quarantine Takeover host with Liminal Drifter from Perth, Australia! join us Tuesday or Thursday night at 7pm Eastern and be prepared for some amazing ambient grooves from all over the world and some special rarities. Liminal Drifter is an ongoing travelogue between identities, physical places and states of consciousness. Many of these dreamy, evocative slices of ambient electronica evolved on hand-held mobile devices, away from the studio, while traveling or visiting new places. This sense of contemplative, exploratory rootlessness imbues his work with the wistfulness and open narrative we often associate with travel. (more…)

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Old Eastern Interview

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 by The Professor

Old Eastern WLOY Interview 480p Nick Volk of Old Eastern is part of the madness that created the 2020 Charm City Sampler “Tour” event running all over the Baltimore area on Saturday September 26th. He sat down, along with Terry and Brendan, to chat about the event, the sampler and life during quarantine. We learned that Brendan may need a pedal intervention.

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Bootleggers and Baptists Interview

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 by The Professor

Bootleggers and Baptists WLOY Interview 480p. The Professor grabbed a couple of the guys from Bootleggers and Baptists for a Zoom chat about the 2020Charm City Sampler releases by Tony Corelli of Deep End Studio and how they ended up a part of the madness. Kyle and Terry sat down on the orange couch and explained the origin of the name, their great rock sound, dealing with the pandemic and their upcoming live show as part of the Sampler release concert on September 26th. You might recognize Terry from his other interview as part of Old Eastern. Yet another example of how Baltimore bands are all one crazy family.

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Brothers Clair Interview

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 by The Professor

Brothers Clair WLOY Interview 480p Half of Brothers Clair, Chris and Taylor (not brothers, and not named Clair) sat down with the Professor to chat about their name, origin, indie folk sound and their part in the 2020 Charm City Sampler releases by Tony Corelli of Deep End Studio in Middle River.. Via Zoom we heard about their changes and how the current lineup is making fantastic music as well as playing live in support of the Sampler release on September 26th. Find them on Facebook or Spotify to check out their sound.

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Nellys Echo Interview

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 by The Professor

Nellys Echo WLOY Interview 480p We were lucky enough tosteal a bit of time from the hard working Nelly’s Echo as part of celebrating the of the release of the 2020 Charm City Sampler created by Tony Corelli of Deep End Studio in Middle River, Maryland. Nelson shared some of his experience being a contestant on The Voice and the world of music behind the scenes. We also asked just what is in the water in Baltimore that it produces so many great Nigerian singers and how did TWO of them make it to The Voice?!

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Lockemy Interview

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 by The Professor

Lockemy – WLOY Interview 480p As part of the 2020 Charm City Sampler interviews the Professor sat down remotely with local indie rock musician Lockemy. He hung out on the orange couch at Deep End Studios in Middle River, MD and chatted about the sampler, live music and the creative process in quarantine. He also dropped the casual mention that he helped to build the very orange studio in which he sat, as though everyone just does that. Lockemy was also the host of our very first Quarantine Takeover episode back in May (which you really should click here to catch if you missed it).

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WLOY Co-Founds International Local Music Exchange

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 by The Professor

Every college radio station wants to help their local music scene. We all do our best to engage it, bring it to our studios and campuses and even put bands on live for others to enjoy. But what we haven’t really had the power to do until now is share those bands with other stations. WLOY, KBVR and KCSU have joined forces with the College Radio Foundation to launch the International Local Music Exchange on October 2nd as a feature of World College Radio Day! As part of the kickoff, more than a dozen college stations around the world are producing and sharing 1 hour shows highlighting the best of their local music scenes. That means that you can hear great Baltimore artists on stations from Oregon to Sweden! World College Radio Day has more than 600 participating stations around the world and we hope to add all of them to the list of stations sharing their local scenes in the next few months. (more…)

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Charm City Sampler 2020

Monday, September 21st, 2020 by The Professor

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Charm City Sampler releases by Tony Corelli of Deep End Studio in Middle River. Distributed for free at music festivals and shops around the Baltimore region these samplers have showcased a ton of great talent. Tony has been the man behind the scenes creating these compilations and we’re going to sit down with him soon to talk about them. He’s a bit busy right now as the launch of the 2020 version is a bit different than usual. Instead of handing them out at a big street festival, which can’t happen at the moment… this year’s release is going to be a wild ride of live performances from rooftops, bars, wineries, and more as almost all of the 20 bands on the collection will do something special. Saturday September 26th is the release date and they will be streaming a live show for 11 hours on Facebook from various venues around the region. It’s going to be nuts! As part of the prelude to it, WLOY’s Professor sat down remotely with 11 of the bands on the bill and did some interviews. You’ll find them all here shortly… In the meanwhile go hit up their website and see if you can get a copy of the new CD, or a shirt or other cool stuff and help support this fantastic project and all the bands involved. (more…)

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Quarantine Takeover – High on Stress Part 2

Monday, September 21st, 2020 by The Professor

This week we share a second episode hosted by Nick Leet, lead singer of High on Stress a great Minneapolis rock band. You may recognize the name as they also did last week’s Quarantine Takeover show! They had so much fun they asked if they could keep going and do a second episode full of great Minneapolis rock. Who are we to say no to an excited band? So, strap in for the return of High on Stress this week Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. And, stay tuned because the next episode is taking us all the way to Australia with Liminal Drifter.

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Dead Air Halloween 2020

Friday, September 18th, 2020 by The Professor

It’s that time of year again and as a lead up to the 2020 Halloween edition of Dead Air Radio, we present all the past episodes on Saturdays and Sundays at midnight! Join DJ, author and artist Terence Hannum (of the amazing Holy Circle band BTW) as he explores the depth and breadth of the horror movie soundtrack. Don’t expect a bunch of 1970s vintage spooky sounds, or a bunch of clinking chains and screams, it’s so much more. You never know what famous bands have contributed or how ambient things can be until you listen to these shows. From John Carpenter, (Baltimore-born)Philip Glass and Goblin to local greats Sweet Leda, you never know who’s behind that sound. Check out Dead Air at midnight every Saturday and every Sunday for the next 6 weeks and the new 2020 episode on Halloween!

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