July 26, 2020

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  • 4:02pm Skin by San Cisco on Skin (Nettwerk Records)
  • 4:06pm Carry Us Home by Weathers on Kids In The Night (Rca Records Label)
  • 4:09pm Dwarf Antique by Drew Beskin on Love Trauma / Dwarf Antique (Laser Brains)
  • 4:14pm Hunny Bunnies by Beach Goons on hoodratscumbags (GRNDVW)
  • 4:16pm Amanda In the Clouds by Panda Riot on Northern Automatic Music (Saint Marie)
  • 4:20pm Treasure by Urban Cone on Polaroid Memories (Universal Music)
  • 4:24pm Shotgun Freddy by Joshua on Shotgun Freddy (True Source Entertainment)
  • 4:27pm Quarter-Life Crisis by Judah & the Lion on Pep Talk + Quarter-Life Crisis (Judah and the Lion LLC)
  • 4:37pm Wild Blue Milk (Bonus Track) by Slow Club on Yeah, So? (Moshi Moshi Records)
  • 4:41pm My Life by Kaiser Chiefs on Education, Education, Education & War (Caroline International)
  • 4:46pm Ensayo de Ceguera by Mabiland on 1995 (Alaz Home records)
  • 4:46pm Respectable by The Rolling Stones on Some Girls (Universal Music Ltd.)
  • 4:51pm Float On by Modest Mouse on Good News For People Who Love Bad News (Epic)
  • 4:54pm That’s the Way I Like It by Kc & The Sunshine Band on Shake Your Booty (Synergie OMP)
  • 4:57pm Shut Up (You Miss Me) by Doll Skin on Manic Pixie Dream Girl (EMP Label Group)
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