August 25, 2023

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  • 11:01am I Lie by Johanna Keith & the Paradigm Crushers on 45rpm (Dog Trash Delight Productions), 2018
  • 11:04am Hold Me Close by Overcoats on Young (Arts & Crafts Mexico), 2017
  • 11:07am Lies and Eyes by Minus the Bear on Infinity Overhead (Dangerbird Records), 2012
  • 11:11am Gone by Jr Jr on Sausage Party (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Warner Bros.), 2020
  • 11:15am Shiver by Coldplay on Parachutes (Parlophone UK), 2000
  • 11:20am You Sang To Me (Album Version) by Marc Anthony on Marc Anthony (Columbia), 1999
  • 11:20am I Had to Go in to Come Back out Again by A View of Earth from the Moon on Closer to a Ghost (A View of Earth from the Moon), 2017
  • 11:24am Point Of No Reply by The Horrors on V (Wolf Tone), 2017
  • 11:29am Lord Save Me from L.A. by Zac Harmon on Mississippi Barbq (Catfood Records), 2019
  • 11:34am Wicked Ones by Dorothy on ROCKISDEAD (Roc Nation / Roc Nation Artists), 2020
  • 11:36am Conformiste by DTCV on Confusion Moderne (Xemu Records), 2016
  • 11:40am Daydreams by TAUK on Daydreams (TAUK), 2023
  • 11:44am Romeo & Juliet by Stacked Like Pancakes on Strange Creatures (Stacked Like Pancakes), 2018
  • 11:48am Sky Father by 6 Day Riot on Bring on the Waves (Hubris Records), 2008
  • 11:51am Talk Is Cheap by Chet Faker on Built On Glass (Downtown Records), 2014
  • 11:55am Confession by M. Ward on Confession (Merge Records), 2016
  • 11:58am Ink by Coldplay on Ghost Stories (Parlophone UK), 2014
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