March 24, 2023

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  • 10:01pm Red Balloon by Never Shout Never on Black Cat (Loveway/Warner Records), 2015
  • 10:05pm I Don’t Want to See You Like This by The Joy Formidable on I Don’t Want to See You Like This (Atlantic Records), 2011
  • 10:09pm It’s a Stealer by DTCV on Uptime (Xemu Records), 2015
  • 10:13pm Copycat by Gymshorts on Knock Knock (Burger Records, Wallflower Records, Bachelor Records), 2018
  • 10:16pm Write On by Sleeping in the Aviary on Expensive Vomit in a Cheap Hotel (Science Of Sound), 2008
  • 10:20pm Behind Craven by Implode on I of Everything (Cramada), 2015
  • 10:23pm Light by The Sedonas on The Sedonas (The Sedonas), 2016
  • 10:34pm Amanda In the Clouds by Panda Riot on Northern Automatic Music (Saint Marie), 2013
  • 10:38pm Optic Nerve by Nisa on Optic Nerve (Nisa), 2021
  • 10:43pm Ticking Bomb by C’est Claire on Ticking Bomb (Little Sur LLC), 2022
  • 10:50pm Don’t Do It for the Payoff by A View of Earth from the Moon on Closer to a Ghost (A View of Earth from the Moon), 2017
  • 10:54pm Kill Your Heroes by AWOLNATION on Megalithic Symphony Deluxe (Red Bull Records), 2013
  • 10:57pm Happiness is such a mess by Introverted Dancefloor on Happiness is such a mess (Carpark Records), 2015
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