March 22, 2023

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  • 4:02pm Gun Shy by A Fragile Tomorrow on Generation Loss (MPress Reccords), 2019
  • 4:05pm Give Love by B & the Hive on Give Love (B & the Hive), 2020
  • 4:09pm Twilight by Doug Tuttle on Twilight (Electric Yggdrasil), 2018
  • 4:13pm Drown by An Horse on Drown (Lame-O Records), 2019
  • 4:16pm Castles Made Of Sand by Jimi Hendrix on Experience Hendrix – The Best Of Jimi Hendrix (Legacy Recordings), 1997
  • 4:23pm Chickens by The Dodos on Beware of the Maniacs (The Dodos), 2007
  • 4:31pm The Masque by Brothers Clair on The Masque (Brothers Clair), 2019
  • 4:36pm Addicted by Chris Yakopcic on The Next Place I Leave (Yako Records), 2015
  • 4:40pm Leaving (2017 Remaster) by Pet Shop Boys on Elysium: Further Listening 2011 – 2012 (2017 Remaster) (Rhino), 2017
  • 4:44pm Trial & Error by Slothrust on Everyone Else (Dangerbird Records), 2016
  • 4:45pm Speak Louder by Iain Prasad Mahanty on Metal and Hard Rock 2 (Synctracks), 2010
  • 4:46pm I Shall Be Released by The Band on Die Hit Giganten Best of Flower Power (Sony Music Media), 2017
  • 4:50pm Love Who Loves You Back by Tokio Hotel on Love Who Loves You Back (Universal Music), 2014
  • 4:53pm Disappear by Chelan on Equal Under Pressure (Chelan), 2015
  • 4:57pm Less Than Perfect by The Spook School on Could It Be Different? (Alcopop!), 2018
  • 5:00pm Haunted by Love by Only Yours on Overrun (Pirates Blend Records Inc.), 2019
  • 5:04pm Weaponized by Wolf Parade on Cry Cry Cry (Wolf Parade Music Inc), 2017
  • 5:11pm Peel by Peel on Peel (Innovative Leisure), 2020
  • 5:14pm 100 Strangers by Circa Waves on T-Shirt Weather (Virgin EMI), 2015
  • 5:19pm Awake by Abjects on Never Give Up (Yippee Ki Yay Records), 2019
  • 5:22pm Where We Used to Lay (feat. Fred Mascherino) by Anton Kellner & the Lone Stars on You Were the Fire (Anton Kellner & the Lone Stars), 2014
  • 5:25pm Cooler Than You by LOWRAY on Columbia (Lowray), 2017
  • 5:29pm Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens on The Age of Adz (Asthmatic Kitty), 2010
  • 5:32pm Powder by Blacksage on Sixtape (Friends Records), 2014
  • 5:36pm Running from the Devil by Zac Harmon on Music Is Medicine (Zac Harmon), 2012
  • 5:42pm Alaska by Maggie Rogers on Homework Playlist (UMG Recordings, Inc.), 2020
  • 5:46pm Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) by 98ยบ on The Collection (Universal Music), 2002
  • 5:46pm It’s All Good by Superorganism on Superorganism (Domino Recording Co), 2023
  • 5:50pm Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson on Parachute – Single (Cabin 24 Records Under Exclusive License to Mom + Pop Music), 2010
  • 5:53pm The Ocean by Tegan And Sara on Sainthood 2009
  • 5:56pm The Road by Frank Turner on Songbook (Polydor Records), 2017
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