March 21, 2023

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  • 9:01pm Father’s Son by Vakili Band on Father’s Son (Vakili Band), 2022
  • 9:08pm Words by The Howling Hex on Knuckleball Express (Fat Possum), 2020
  • 9:13pm Salvation by The Berries on Salvation (Run For Cover Records, LLC), 2018
  • 9:22pm One Less Day (Dying Young) by Rob Thomas on One Less Day (Dying Young) (Atlantic Records), 2019
  • 9:25pm Take It Off by The Donnas on Take It Off (Atlantic Records), 2020
  • 9:28pm Southern Cordial by Mike Pace and the Child Actors on Best Boy (The Self-Starter Foundation), 2015
  • 9:31pm Curse by Imagine Dragons on Imagine Dragons (Self-released), 2009
  • 9:35pm All My Little Words by The Magnetic Fields on 69 Love Songs (Merge Records), 1999
  • 9:41pm The Queen of Lower Chelsea by The Gaslight Anthem on American Slang (SideOneDummy), 2010
  • 9:46pm Renegade by Stacked Like Pancakes on This Is Us (Stacked Like Pancakes), 2015
  • 9:50pm Fast Cars by Buzzcocks on Operators Manual (Buzzcocks Best) 2003
  • 9:52pm Auld Lang Syne by Christmas Cafe on Christmas Guitar Classics: Downtempo Fingerstyle Music for a Relaxing Festive Ambience (Equilibrium), 2022
  • 9:55pm Oh Sweetheart, Come by Tchotchke on Tchotchke (Tchotchke Records), 2022
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