March 20, 2023

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  • 12:02am Wolfpack in Black (Live) by Wolfpack of One on Alive (Live) (Grave Tapes), 2016
  • 12:03am Walls by Bridge to Divide on Walls (Bridge to Divide), 2016
  • 12:06am Short Bus by Hog Molly on Kung Fu Cocktail Grip (Kool Arrow), 2001
  • 12:09am Sweet Gene Vincent by Ian Dury on New Boots and Panties!! (BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd), 1977
  • 12:13am Martini and Rossi by Mongoloidian Glow on Fatal Distraction (Manta Ray Records), 2017
  • 12:17am Six Six Sixties (Remastered) by Throbbing Gristle on Six Six Sixties (Remastered) (Mute (Artist Intelligence)), 2017
  • 12:19am Born In Xixax by Nina Hagen on Le Club Alternative Anthems (Sony Music Special Projects), 2017
  • 12:23am Fools Gold (Remastered) by The Stone Roses on The Stone Roses (20th Anniversary Legacy Edition) (Silvertone), 2009
  • 12:28am Give Me Back My Man (Party Mix Version) by The B-52’s on Give Me Back My Man (Party Mix Version) (Warner Rhino Off Roster-Audio), 1991
  • 12:36am Not Bad For Gibberish by Mongoloidian Glow on 40 and a Nog (MT6 Records), 2006
  • 12:40am Two Step by Throwing Muses on The Real Ramona (Woah Dad!), 2018
  • 12:44am Yin Yang by Mongoloidian Glow on Paardon? (Mongoloidian Glow), 2003
  • 12:50am Connection by Elastica on Elastica (Geffen Catalog Transfer), 2007
  • 12:54am Well I Wonder (2008 Remaster) by The Smiths on Well I Wonder (2008 Remaster) (Warner Strategic Marketing UK)
  • 12:58am Latency by Sufferin Mall on Crushed (Rainbox Records Inc.), 2022
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