March 16, 2023

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  • 2:01pm Rootsy by Richard Patterson on Roots (Rouge Music Library), 2001
  • 2:01pm Fifth Mile by Megan Brickwood on Fifth Mile (DISTROKID), 2023
  • 2:05pm Optic Nerve by Nisa on Optic Nerve (Nisa), 2021
  • 2:09pm Dream by Eyelids on The Accidental Falls (Jealous Butcher Records), 2020
  • 2:12pm To Be Like You by Green Buzzard on Amidst The Clutter & Mess (Mushroom), 2019
  • 2:15pm Electric Feel by MGMT on Oracular Spectacular (Red Ink/Columbia), 2007
  • 2:19pm Heaven & Hell on Earth (Outro) by Saf Man on Heaven & Hell on Earth (T Dots Records), 2019
  • 2:20pm Suicide by DB Tha General on Hustlas Convention (Get Right Entertainment), 2016
  • 2:20pm Natural World by Mirrorball on Natural World (Dangerbird Records), 2019
  • 2:23pm Don’t Say I Won’t by Zack Lopez on Bloodlines (Bright Antenna), 2019
  • 2:27pm Houdini by Mike Edel on THRESHOLDS (Popup-records), 2019
  • 2:30pm Six Wave Hold-Down by Hot Snakes on Six Wave Hold-Down (Sub Pop Records), 2018
  • 2:33pm Keep Falling by Gregory Ackerman on Keep Falling (Munich Records, a division of V2 Records Benelux), 2018
  • 2:37pm Eon by Les Big Byrd on Iran Iraq IKEA (PNKSLM Recordings), 2018
  • 2:41pm I Sing I Swim by Seabear on The Ghost That Carried Us Away (Morr Music), 2007
  • 2:45pm I’m There by Adam Swink on Not What It Seems (Adam Swink), 2006
  • 2:48pm Pawn Shop Man by Jim Allchin on Prime Blues (Sandy Key Music LLC), 2018
  • 2:51pm New Summers by De Lux on New Summers (Innovative Leisure), 2022
  • 2:55pm Third Swan by King Creosote on Diamond Mine Jubilee Edition (EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd), 2012
  • 2:58pm All Nighter by Gymshorts on Knock Knock (Burger Records, Wallflower Records, Bachelor Records), 2018
  • 3:01pm Don’t Be a Hero by Rooney on Washed Away (Superball Music), 2016
  • 3:06pm Harakiri by Futurist on Omens 2019
  • 3:10pm Pensacola by Deerhunter on Pensacola (4AD), 2013
  • 3:14pm One Way Trigger by The Strokes on Comedown Machine (RCA Records Label), 2013
  • 3:18pm Disco Two Step by Me Like Bees on Disco Two Step (Honey Pit), 2022
  • 3:21pm Pick It Up by Fast Romantics on Pick It Up (Postwar Records / Fontana North), 2020
  • 3:25pm I Don’t Wanna Talk to You by Rhett Repko on I Don’t Wanna Talk to You (Rhett Repko), 2019
  • 3:28pm Jomo by Coyote on Copenhagen 2020, Vol. 1 (Music For Dreams), 2020
  • 3:29pm Sleepy by Nani FM on This Could Have Been (Nani FM), 2022
  • 3:30pm Hang On by CHAPPO on Future Former Self (Votiv Music), 2016
  • 3:35pm Roses and Love Cards by Vinyl Orbit on Before You’re Golden (Vinyl Orbit), 2019
  • 3:39pm Insane Love by Mr. Gnome on The Day You Flew Away (El Marko Records), 2020
  • 3:44pm Viviendo (Album Version) by Marc Anthony on Libre (Sony Music Latin), 2001
  • 3:45pm Sheathed Wings by Dan Deacon on Gliss Riffer (Domino Recording Co), 2015
  • 3:49pm Man On Fire by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on Here (Community Music / Vagrant Records), 2012
  • 3:53pm Howl by Needle Points on Feel Young (NeedLove Records), 2016
  • 3:58pm Beat Down Babylon by Junior Byles on Beat Down Babylon – Expanded Version (Sanctuary Records Fontana), 1972
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