March 9, 2023

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  • 2:00am Do Better by Say Anything on Say Anything (RCA Records Label), 2009
  • 2:03am Creep by Radiohead on Now!…Anglo Anthems (Parlophone UK), 2008
  • 2:07am Train by Brick + Mortar on Dropped (Brick + Mortar, LLC), 2015
  • 2:10am Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones on Wild Horses (Decca Music Group Ltd.), 1996
  • 2:15am For the Best by Barnacle Bill on Barnacle Bill (Y Eye Music), 2011
  • 2:18am Viviendo (Album Version) by Marc Anthony on Libre (Sony Music Latin), 2001
  • 2:19am peacefall by Purity Ring on peacefall (4AD), 2020
  • 2:23am I’ll Be Your Breeze by Andrew Belle on All Those Pretty Lights EP (1L Music, Inc.), 2008
  • 2:27am Red Flag by The Moth & The Flame on Young & Unafraid (Robot Farming), 2016
  • 2:31am Behind Craven by Implode on I of Everything (Cramada), 2015
  • 2:35am Our Love Will Bleed by Lavers on Thought I Was King (Lavers), 2017
  • 2:40am Chad by Nervous Eaters on Monsters + Angels (Wicked Cool Records), 2022
  • 2:43am Radio Drive by DTCV on Uptime! (Xemu Records), 2015
  • 2:45am Snarl Up – Instrumental by Sir Bald Diddley/De Wolfe on Garage Punk – The Snags 2005
  • 2:46am I Don’t Know What to Do (None) by Modern Nomad on Bardo (Modern Nomad), 2021
  • 2:52am Phonograph Blues by Chris Yakopcic on The Next Place I Leave (Yako Records), 2015
  • 2:55am Babylon by Barns Courtney on 404 (Virgin EMI), 2019
  • 2:59am Brutal by Rococode on Brutal (Marquis Label Services), 2017
  • 3:02am Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder on Songs In The Key Of Life (Universal Music), 1976
  • 3:09am Rangeline by Joel Levi on Rangeline (Joel Levi), 2014
  • 3:14am Sleep by The Dodos on No Color (Frenchkiss Records), 2011
  • 3:17am Monsters by Animal Scream on Nightwalk (American Hermitage), 2020
  • 3:20am Nashville by Hadley Kennary on Momentum EP (Hadley Kennary), 2016
  • 3:25am Enough by Claire Morales on All That Wanting (Claire Morales), 2018
  • 3:29am Steeped by Light45 on Decibels (Light45), 2016
  • 3:31am Benediction by Susanna Rose on Snowbound (Susanna Rose), 2016
  • 3:34am Take It or Leave It by Slim Wray on Post No Bills (Slim Wray), 2015
  • 3:37am Inhaler by Foals on Holy Fire (Warner Bros.), 2013
  • 3:42am What You Do Best by We Are Scientists on TV en Fran├žais (Masterswan Recordings), 2014
  • 3:45am Anytime by Snail Mail on Anytime (Matador), 2018
  • 3:50am The Day Is Coming by My Morning Jacket on Circuital (ATO Records / Fontana North), 2011
  • 3:53am Beautiful Thing by Alexis Taylor on Beautiful Thing (Domino Recording Co), 2018
  • 3:59am Lose by The Glow on Lose (Double Double Whammy), 2019
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